College Station Fashion Entrepreneur Steps onto National Scene

They say every journey starts with a single step. In knowing that to be true, Chance Michael Okonski decided to start taking his first steps in hopes that one day he could bring his talents to life from his hometown in College Station, Texas. Since those days, Chance has begun making a name for himself in the world of men’s fashion as a multi-faceted Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Designer and Celebrity Stylist.

Stepping onto the scene in his early twenties, Chance’s individualistic style and goal oriented soul influenced him to open the doors to his first clothing store back in December of 2014. Named after his late Grandfather, Kie Mitchell Okonski, Chance used his creative vision to handcraft a curated selection of timeless men’s apparel into what is known today as KIE Men’s Shoppe. Since the Shoppe’s opening, Chance has established exclusive partnerships with some of retails biggest brands like Arthur George by Robert Kardashian, Manready Mercantile, Stone Rose and 7 Diamonds. Within the short year it has been open, KIE has been featured in international publications, retail branding guides and reputable menswear blogs.

In September 2015, Chance announced the launch of his own brand, The KIE Kollection. A ready-to-wear apparel and accessory line for men that would serve as the flagship line to his clothing store. Upon its release, The KIE Kollection has been featured on numerous print and television campaigns and has become a favorite of several celebrities, musicians, and professional athletes. In December 2015, menswear blog Attire Club named The KIE Kollection one of 2015’s TOP Holiday Gift Items for men. With the release of his new Spring Kollection, the brand continues to grow and flourish, making its way into several retail stores nationwide this Summer.

Outside of his own store and brand, Chance has also gained recognition as one of the Lonestar States up and coming “It-Stylist,” dressing the likes of country music star Granger Smith, The Miami Heat, Andy Cohen and various other Hollywood A-listers. In January of this year, InCompany Magazine recognized Chance as one of 2016’s major influencers of men’s fashion. His works, brand and genuine passion to help others serves a purpose unlike any other in the industry. From personal to professional styling, to retail marketing and brand development, Chance is making an impact on the world of men’s fashion.

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