Pros & Cons of Having a Pet In College

depositphotos_4608409_m-2015The picture of bringing your precious family pet with you to college seems almost to good to be true. With every other change occurring in your life, coming home to your furry friend at your TAMU housing would definitely be a source of comfort. However, there are almost an equal number of disadvantages of bringing your pet with your to college, so it may be best to consider them before you make a final decision.

Pros of Bringing a Pet to Your College Station Apartment

Having a pet is comforting. You will never have to worry about coming home to an empty student apartment when you have an excited puppy waiting to play with you. If you feel down and lonely, you will have a snuggle buddy there to cheer you up. In fact, studies show that pets help to fight and prevent depression. A study at Baylor College of Medicine found that people who owned dogs were more likely to get exercise than people who do not. When you have a dog that must go outside everyday, you have a built in reason to go for a walk. At the end of the day, owning a pet is fun. Whether you have friends or not, you will always have a dog you can run with or a cat you can play with. Plus, they are also good conversation starters with friends.

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