Police Officer or Impersonator? Bryan Police “Ghost Marked” Units Cause Confusion

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A citizen of Bryan recently asked, “What’s up with the stealth police cars in Bryan? Why not make the police car easily identifiable. If I see a car that appears unmarked with flashing lights try to pull me over, I won’t pull over since I cannot verify it’s actually a police car. I think I’d be within my rights since the car isn’t identifying itself as a law enforcement vehicle. Any idiot can buy colored lights and try to impersonate a police car.”

The Press contacted the Bryan Police Department’s Kelley McKethan to learn more about their unmarked units (which should not conduct traffic stops) and “ghost marked” units that may cause confusion when initiating a traffic stop.

Q: How many unmarked cars does Bryan PD use in patrol operations?

A: None We have unmarked cars that Detectives drive but are not used in patrol functions

Q: How many “ghost marked” cars?

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