Loudfest 10 – 3 Nights, 3 Stages, 55 bands, $5 – May 18-21

Historic Downtown Bryan Texas

17862641_10154891701115617_1051036372633463558_n (1)

Somehow we fucked around and made it to the TENTH LOUD!FEST. 3 nights, 3 stages, 55 bands, $5 wristband. Downtown Bryan, TX. Revolution Cafe & Bar, Grand Stafford Theater. Schedules, and sponsors will be announced later, but here’s a list of confirmed bands! A Deathbed Promise (BCS), A Sundae Drive (HTX), Altercation Road Stories w/ JT Habersaat and Mike Weibe (ATX), Aphotic Contrivance (BCS), ASS (BCS), Boy Wonder (ATX), BULLS (FWTX), Bummertown (Canada), City Life (ATX), Corusco (BCS), Economy Island (ATX), Electric Astronaut (BCS), Escatones (HTX), First Thought Worst Thought (ATX), Funeral Horse (HTX), Golden Sombrero (HTX), Hammer Party (HuntsvilleTX), Hand Me Down Adventure (ATX), Heater (FWTX), Hexist (ATX), Honeyrude (ATX), Hopeless City Blues (HTX), Inators (BCS), Jay Satellite (ATX), Khan (HTX), Killer Hearts (HTX), LUCA (BCS), Magnet School (ATX), Mothracide (BCS), Mutant Love (BCS), Mydolls (HTX), Myra Maybelle (BCS), Odd Folks (BCS), Piss Penny (BCS), Pizza Planet…

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