TAMU Health Science Center Will Grow To 3,700,000sf, Eight Times Current Size

Business News for Bryan - College Station, Texas

According to the 2017 Campus Master Plan, TAMU Health Science Campus will be 8 times bigger than its current footprint, expanding from a current 465,000sf to 3.7 million square feet. The document went on to state:

The Health Science Center (HSC) is located on a 203-acre site within the Bryan city limits, about seven miles northwest of the College Station campus on Texas Route 47. It houses the University’s Colleges of Medicine and Nursing in three large academic buildings abutted by large surface parking lots. The remainder of the property is wooded and currently undeveloped, forming a buffer between the university facilities and residential neighborhoods to the east. As with the F & B Road zone, the 2017 Campus Master Plan defers to previous district-level planning undertaken by the University for the Health Science Center zone.

This document, the 2008 Health Science Center Campus Master Plan and Design Guidelines, will remain the…

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