Fuego, Ozona, Washbangers Win Local Queso Taste Off

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

The Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau took ona”cheesy” topic in their most recent CVB blog post: Where to find the best queso in Bryan-College Station, Texas. Highlights follow:

As there are more than 200 restaurants in Bryan College Station, and the Visit Aggieland team’s estimate that a minimum 75 of those serve queso, the list had to be narrowed. A poll was conducted within the office, among residents, as well as on Visit Aggieland’s Facebook and Twitter to determine which 12 restaurants would be sampled. The competitors were narrowed down to:

Harvey Washbangers
Torchy’s Tacos
Shipwreck Grill
Ozona Grill & Bar
Fuego Tortilla Grill
Pepe’s Mexican Café
Casa Rodriguez
The Corner Bar & Grill
Blackwater Draw
Mad Taco

Although the results may have defined a winner, it certainly wasn’t a runaway victory. While 20 points separated the top ranked queso from the bottom ranked, a mere…

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