Kinky’s New Never Performed Song, “A Dog in the Sky”

This brand-new never performed song, “A Dog in the Sky” is about a good friend Kinky recently lost. His name was Mr. P and he came to live with Kinky many years ago after the guy he had been living with checked into MD Anderson and never checked out. Mr. P lived a long life and was fortunate to have had two really loving homes before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Kinky, a well-known “Defender of Strays”, hopes that by sharing this song with you- his Facebook friends, a light can shine brightly on the wonderful organization Austin Pets Alive!

Perhaps in that same spirit of sharing, head over to their Facebook page and look into ADOPTING or FOSTERING one of their furry friends who would love so much to have a forever home. If that’s not possible, a small DONATION would ensure that the good folks at APA! can continue doing such important work for the animals who need and deserve our help. Or hell! Just by SHARING this post we can reach more people to join their cause.

So happy holidays, happy listening, and as the Kinkster says, “May the God of your choice bless you.”


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