Will Heinz Mayochup Make Its U.S. Debut? Heinz Lets America Decide

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Heinz_Mayochup_Equation.jpg New Heinz Real Mayonnaise + Heinz Ketchup = Heinz Mayochup

Condiment lovers are hot to get their hands on the internationally available Heinz Mayochup, the pre-made blend of mayonnaise and ketchup that has the internet abuzz, and now Heinz is letting America vote to make its U.S. debut a reality.

From now through April 15, those wanting to try the winning combination have the opportunity to vote at Twitter.com/HeinzKetchup_US. If the poll closes with 500K votes in its favor, the brand will bring Heinz Mayochup to the United States. The name ‘Mayochup’ is already in fierce debate on Twitter, so the brand has also committed to putting the final name up for vote before the launch.

Those who can’t wait as the nation makes its decision can now make their own Heinz Mayochup combination with New Deliciously Creamy Heinz Real Mayonnaise and HeinzKetchup. Made with high quality ingredients…

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