“I’m unhappy the boy who r*ped me is back on the swim team” – Texas A&M Athletics Called Out in Viral Tweet, University Responds

A student contacted Texas A&M University concerning an Aggie athlete who had been found responsible for sexually assaulting her returning to the university’s swim team. She tweeted a copy of the University’s response along with these words: “I’m unhappy the boy who r*ped me is back on the swim team.”

The tweet has gained thousands of retweets and racked up likes in the tens of thousands. Texas A&M issued a statement regarding sexual assault investigations today but does not mention the tweet or any specific cases.

A friend of the tweet’s author posts details related to the tweet and encourages people to contact TAMU administration officials in the following facebook post that has since gone viral:

Since news outlets have yet to report on this and Texas A&M University has failed it’s students and it’s community, I will spread awareness via social media. Please share to support and to be part of the solution to this problem.

35043523_960838514076440_3515206985454714880_o (1)

[A student athlete] was found responsible for rape by the Title IX board and only given ONE semester of suspension and was allowed to return to the A&M swim team to compete. He tried to claim the victim was mentally ill and that depression made her an unreliable source, ultimately gaslighting her and making her afraid to speak out against it. The victim later emailed A&M’s head swimming coach explaining her disappointment that they let [the student athlete] back onto the team to compete. Lori Williams, Sr. Associate Athletic’s Director for A&M and once the Title IX coordinator, intercepted the email to proudly claim that they did the bare minimum punishment that Title IX allows and that they will not take further action. The email sounded quite condescending with, “regret your displeasure,” and, “seek healing”. How is the victim supposed to seek healing when A&M holds this athlete up on a pedestal and refuses to take him off the team nor kick him out of the university?

When Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, was convicted of rape they banned him from campus. Why is [this student athlete] still on campus and still competing on the A&M swim team? Because Texas A&M University cares more about their athletic teams winning than they do about the safety and well-being of their students…

Here are some people you need to be contacting if this disgusts you as much as it does me. 
Lori Williams – lwilliams@athletics.tamu.edu
Jay Holmes (head coach) – jholmes@athletics.tamu.edu
Blanca Lupiani (dean of faculty) – dof@tamu.edu
Anne Reber (dean of students) – studentlife@tamu.edu
Michael Young (president of A&M) – PresidentYoung@tamu.edu

If you’re not angered and disgusted, you are part of the problem.

A search of Brazos County Court records for the Texas A&M student-athlete referred to in the original social media posts yielded no results. As the student-athlete has not been proven guilty of a crime in any court of law, we have chosen to leave the athlete’s name out of the story. It should be noted that Title IX adjudications utilize a “preponderance of evidence” standard of proof versus the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard America’s that criminal courts utilize.


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