Campus Coffee concept created by young teacher with BCS roots gains national attention

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.22.44 PM.png The original post on Facebook has garnered over 16,000 shares and over 20,000 reactions.

Thanks to this post by local author and TAMU lecturer Chris Field, the world knows about a new on-campus coffee shop kickstarted by a bold young Conroe High teacher with Bryan-College Station roots:


Meet my friend Shelby. This is her first year of teaching Life Skills (which includes students with significant cognitive impairment in conjunction with adaptive disabilities) at a high school just outside Houston. That’s really cool by itself. But here’s where it gets awesome.

Shelby came up with the brilliant idea of wanting to empower her students this year in some way that was meaningful and would outlast their time with her in the classroom. So she started buying all of the things they would need to start a traveling coffee cart. This would allow her students to walk around to each…

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